Struggling in Your Marriage?

Are you struggling in your marriage? Wondering how in the world one man and one woman can be with each other for life? Perhaps you are struggling for the simple reason that you aren’t aiming high enough. Do you hunger for something greater in your marriage? Then strive to live up to your marriage! Prayer for Humble obedience to God.

Let’s take it step by step on what it means to be in a Catholic Sacramental Marriage.

One Man, One Woman

Simple. Clear. Direct. And in today’s society, radical. The truth of biology reveals the truth that new humans only come from a man with a woman, for God’s natural law is woven into all creation.

For Life

There are multiple layers here. For the rest of our lives, and for the purpose of creating new life.

Till death do us part. In sickness and health. For richer, for poorer. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman by God into One Flesh.

United in love for the purpose of creating life. This means being radically open to life. Make love with wild abandon, deeper and richer throughout your lives as One Flesh because you are in a hot, steamy, monogamous marriage! Nothing should get between you and your Beloved. Not contraception. Not work. Not another person. Not money or lack of it. Not health or lack of it. Fight to get anything between the two of you out of the middle, and of your lives if need be. How? Kneel together before Christ on the Cross.

Your Path to Holiness is with your Beloved!

If and when either of you stumbles or struggles, help each other up. My wife’s reaching out to help me learn Sabbath helped prepare me to reach out and help her when she faced struggles after the death of one of our children.

Equality with Differences

Complementarity is the fancy word for equality with differences. Yes there are biological differences. But let’s briefly explore other ways we have different gifts as part of One Flesh:

Women are Life Bearers

Why until recent human history have men protected women, revered them? Why do true men still revere women and treat them with deep respect? It isn’t to subjugate them. It is to celebrate and protect the mystery of women, for women are the bearers of life. Women nurture and cultivate hearth and home. No matter where they are or what they are doing, this hearth centeredness is part of them.

Men are Providers, Protectors, and Explorers

This is moulded into mens’ clay, just as women being nurturing and life bearing is moulded into womens’ clay. If the woman is the safe harbor of the family, the man is the ship.

Four Simple Steps for a Struggling Marriage

  • 1. Make the choice, together, to fight to remove anything between each other, no matter if it’s yours or not.
  • 2. Kneel for at least 15 minutes a day side by side, together, before Christ on the Cross. Feel free to pray silently, but also to talk aloud to Jesus our Christ and to your Beloved. When they speak, listen.
  • 3. Trust that Christ can teach you through your Beloved, just as He can teach your beloved through you. Be humble. Women, be obedient to your husbands and men be obedient to the Church.
  • 4. Read through the above post. Anything in your marriage that falls short, fix it. Dig deep.

Recommend with the heart, comment with the quote below. May God startle you with love and joy even in the midst of your struggles together!