Keep Holy the Sabbath

Keep Holy the Sabbath

God can do more through us in six days than we can do alone in seven.

The simple things are the most powerful and the most difficult. One powerful weapon in choosing Christ, choosing your marriage is the Sabbath. Keep holy the Sabbath.

Giving God the first day of our week sanctifies (makes holy) the rest of our week, and multiplies our capacity to accomplish more with less and not feeling a burden.

How To Keep Holy the Sabbath

  • Get your calendar.
  • Delete or reschedule everything next Sunday.
  • Schedule in Sunday Mass and nothing else for the whole day.
  • Repeat for every Sunday after.
  • Only schedule things that build Right Relationship with family or friends, and then only infrequently.
  • When Sunday arrives, see what gifts the day has waiting. Mass, and anything else that creates Right Relationship is fair game.

Fruits of Keeping Holy the Sabbath

  • Deeper, fuller, righter relationships with family and friends.
  • Every Sunday becomes Christmas morning, as you wake to a day where anything is possible.
  • If it matters, it happens in the next six days. If it doesn't, it falls away to make space for what does matter. Right priorities gracefully fall into place and are clear.
  • You will find you get more done in six days with God than you did with seven on your own.