Fight Burden with Humble Obedience

Prayer when burdened

Lord, where I am burdened grant me humble obedience to you! Amen!

Discovering God

Looking for a powerful way to discover God more deeply? Wherever there is burden, sin is at play. Humble obedience to God always:

  • lightens our burden,
  • reveals more fully the next step we need to take to run toward Jesus our Christ.

Jesus tells us he does not burden us. Catholic algebra is simple. Where we experience burden is sin. Humility is the most powerful virtue and always gives us the strength to choose Jesus our Christ.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden light” — Matthew 11:30.

What does burden look like?

  • Strife in relationship
  • Frustration with _____.
  • Anger at _____.
  • Bitterness toward _____.
  • Entitlement to _____ because _____.
  • Stress

How do I cast off my burden?

Prayer. Quick. Easy. Simple. Prayer itself is an act of humble obedience. Pray a Hail Mary or an Our Father. Or pray the prayer above, specifically for humble obedience to God.

But I know I’m right!

You may be, if your will is aligned with God’s will. Always presume the sin is yours until actions of others prove you wrong.

Saint Paul says many things boldly that may seem like arrogance, but are actually humble obedience to God. Boldly naming of sin and how to move toward Right Relationship (run toward Jesus our Christ) challenges people’s inner Sinner, and gets called arrogant, but may well be humble obedience to God. But if there is any doubt, wait. humble obedience demands being sure.

May God startle you with joy!