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Intro overview: we're going to cover a lot of territory. An introduction to a variety of disciplines that incorporate beautifully into family life, but starting off with one or two is probably the best way to go.

Single note responsorial chant: intro.

Oh! What waves life tosses my way! What waves compass me about! I gasp for air amidst the fomenting spray! Lungs demand breath, get naught but spume! Abandoned! Labyrinth of swell upon swell breaks over my head. From the front, from the side, vortex cacophony!

“Lord! Save me!”

It began years ago when I required our oldest daughter to tell me why she wanted to wear a head covering to Mass. Her thorough answer drew on Saint Paul’s call for women to show humble obedience, in part, by wearing a head covering at Mass (as men are called to do by removing their hats).

Marriage is one woman and one man joined by God for life.

Are you struggling in your marriage? Wondering how in the world one man and one woman can be with each other for life? Perhaps you are struggling for the simple reason that you aren’t aiming high enough. Do you hunger for something greater in your marriage? Then strive to live up to your marriage! Prayer for Humble obedience to God.

Let’s take it step by step on what it means to be in a Catholic Sacramental Marriage.

The entire back wall of Seared Wings brewpub came to life, showing the big event unfolding “above.” The camera swooped over a vast and wild landscape before majestically soaring over a ridge to reveal an expansive valley below.

Char Skull hunched lazily over the flaming wooden bar, scratched his head and asked in lament, “Why don’t we ever get any home field advantage?”

“End the rebellion within our hearts…” — from Laud’s Intercessions for today, March 18, 2016

The best rebellion takes place beneath notice. How can I see the rebellion in my heart? How can I see what I cannot see? The key is found in the next half of the petition: “make us generous and willing to share.”

Eliminate everything that isn't simple. Satan hides in false complexity and genuine complexity is rather intricate in detail but practical application of simple concept and principle. Thus, all complexity hides Satan, who should be rooted out by the upheaval of simplifying the artificially complex.

Eliminate the Complex . What remains matters. What remains is essential. What remains has room and grows, breathes, and ascends to it's proper place. For sin is simply placing the wrong thing ahead of the right thing. A lesser good ahead of a better good. Discover the Best Good through simplicity, by stripping things bare and discovering what is essential.

God can do more through us in six days than we can do alone in seven.

The simple things are the most powerful and the most difficult. One powerful weapon in choosing Christ, choosing your marriage is the Sabbath. Keep holy the Sabbath.

Giving God the first day of our week sanctifies (makes holy) the rest of our week, and multiplies our capacity to accomplish more with less and not feeling a burden.

We never get up from a meal the same person who sat down. How much more is this true when we not only eat food, but converse with loved ones, share our day. Break bread together. Twice. Daily.

Lord, where I am burdened grant me humble obedience to you! Amen!

Looking for a powerful way to discover God more deeply? Wherever there is burden, sin is at play. Humble obedience to God always:

Discipline frees us so we have more time and energy to not only do what we’re avoiding, but so much more besides. Discipline requires humility and humility leads to discipline. If discipline causes burden, we’re doing it wrong.

Never entertain sin or thoughts of sin! Upon the first whiff of sin immediately draw the sword and pray:

forgive me for being foolish! Help me see how ridiculous _____ (name the temptation) is!

Strife happens in marriage for one reason: sin. Sin happens for one reason: fear that the serpent was right.

You, alone, can’t save your marriage. Even if both of you fight tooth, claw, and nail to save your marriage, the two of you alone can not save your marriage.

Adeline froze. She gaped wide-eyed at the table cloth, her normally demure smile startled off her face, her jaw slightly dropped revealing perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth. Her usually sweet, sparkling eyes froze wide in wondrous horror, their grey hazel details attempting to also convey puzzlement. She was, in her entirety, frozen mid-step.

Words like “common good,” “social justice,” “freedom,” and “human dignity” get tossed about in today’s society, but they mean something much more profound and challenging when we look at their deeper Catholic meaning.

In this rapid fire video you’ll discover: